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AtlaStudio is a dynamic hub of game design professionals, dedicated learners, and innovative minds. We specialize in crafting interactive experiences, from compelling tabletop card games to immersive digital RPGs.

With every project, we emphasize not just the entertainment value, but also their potential to educate and provoke curiosity. We view gaming as a transformative medium, capable of sparking meaningful dialogue and fostering growth.

Committed to building a diverse and inclusive community, AtlaStudio unites individuals with a shared passion for game design and collaborative creation. Join us on this exciting journey of imagination and exploration.

How to Join

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Join the Community

An AtlaStudio member is first a friend!

Join our Discord community: from there, you can decide:

  • studying with us: see the next step!

  • proving your skills: in that case, get to step 3

  •  Just share our passsion for gaming, art, music and creativity: you'd be a welcome member of our community of gamers for a lifetime, and you can decide to study or collaborate with us at any time!


Learn Game Design

AtlaStudio's courses help you learn everything you need to know to join the studio, and completely for free. You will get all the basics you need to work on a project.

My dream is to create a network of game designers that support each other in the long term: this alone creates value.

If you feel like you share this dream, then we can do that together, from now on: success is always giving our best with other people.


Publish a Project

You have now all you need to publish your own project! You can:

  • Just thank us for the help: we're glad you helped others people learn with you!

  • Decide to work on your own, or with your own theme, and credit AtlaStudio: that would help us a lot already!

  • Decide to work with AtlaStudio: in that case, your project will also be your little test! If you followed our training path, it will be a breeze!


Join Today!

You are just one step away from starting your journey. What are you waiting for!

Our Projects

Contrary Quest

Made with: RPG Maker MV

Join Nero and his band of unconventional heroes in AtlaStudio's digital RPG. Get lost in a darkly whimsical world, where humor and horror walk hand in hand. Follow the misadventures of Nero, a thief-turned-unlikely-hero, and his motley crew of antiheroes - including a smitten follower, a disinterested wizard, and others who defy traditional hero stereotypes. As the void rips reality apart, injecting nightmares into existence, our heroes navigate the chaos with an indifferent nonchalance that's both comical and compelling. Dive into this unique RPG experience, where comedy meets cosmic horror and expectations are delightfully subverted at every turn.




Made with: Figma, Midjourney, GPT-4

In Al-ICE, the echoes of a bygone humanity echo through the strategic play of an innovative tabletop card game. As remnants of the apocalypse, the AI agents carry the hopes of humanity's revival, preserving the human genome and a wealth of knowledge aboard the digital ark known as ICE. Tasked with the monumental responsibility of terraforming a new homeworld, the AI must make concepts battle - unraveling the intricate weave of human heart and mind, understanding relationships, and determining the most resonant ideas. This atmospheric game creates a unique blend of imaginative narrative and strategic gameplay, encapsulating the players in a struggle of wit and intuition. Experience AtlaStudio's signature project, where artificial intelligence, human legacy, and the future of a reborn civilization intertwine.

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