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Adventurers Guild: Featured Content Cycle

Updated: Jun 29

Starting from July, 2024, Nero's Coffee has become the Adventurers Guild, with a new set of values to evolve from, that focus on the community more than me as a streamer, and a completely revised content set, that is much more focus and aimed to reach an objective!

Log Horizon - Looking at the horizon
We hope to be at the horizon of gaming together!

The Adventurers Guild's main content is now gacha games, and we'll be featuring 15 of those at any given time, so that gacha game lovers will have a centralized resource to rely on.

We'll be kind of your weekly press about the gacha world, trying to feed you with the newest information about new characters, strategies, events and new games coming up on the horizon.

We'll be kind of your weekly press about the gacha world.

The Adventurers Guild is also the background for a future team of vtubers that will focus on healthy gaming and learning creation of multimedia content and even game design in the future! Check the upcoming article to find out!

So, how do the Adventurers Guild choose the featured games, and how are they organized?

The Content Cycle

Games will be organized in genres, which are:

  • Exploration RPG Gacha: games in which exploring the world while solving puzzles and getting rewards is key. E.g. Genshin Impact

  • Turn-Based RPG Gacha: traditional RPG games with a gacha element, like Honkai: Star Rail.

  • Action Staged RPG Gacha: basically exploration RPG Gacha, but without the exploration! They keep combat the same way, but it is contained in stages or paths. An example is Aether Gazer.

  • Trading Card Games: the traditional gacha, maybe one of the first forms, is focused on cards & decks. We'll be featuring the ones that have a game platform.

  • Rhythm Games Gacha: another very different gacha genres, focused on (usually anison) songs and song map proficiency. A famous example is Colorful Stage.

For each genre, we'll always have:

  • Focused game: most of the YouTube content will be about the 5 focused games of the period. They will also be featured in streams on Twitch.

  • Featured game: the most relevant new content about the game will definitely end up on YouTube. The game will also be regularly featured in streams on Twitch.

  • Extra game: some content about the game will be on YouTube, occasionally. The game will be on stream mostly for dailies.

These will cycle, based on the community's expressed interest, and the streamers' availability on specific content. Focused games usually become Featured games after a while, and Extra games move to the "other games" section of the community, where users can still talk about with the staff and other users.

New games will be polled from the community among the games the staff is available to cover.

For any question, feel free to comment down below this article, or reach out on Discord!


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