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Adventurers Guild Characters: Nero Atlas

Updated: Jun 26

The Adventurers Guild is a group of friends that love challenges and a playful, intense way to live life. Nero finds the group and dedicates himself to give his contribution.

An analytical mind and a fiery heart, Nero works on creating occasions for everyone to partake in, when it comes to finding out special experiences, both in gaming and encounters, and tries to facilitate the conversation among all the members.

"Nero Atlas", by Noden
Nero Atlas: Origins

Nero Atlas was a college student studying business administration at a local university. He realized, though, that his dreams were something else.

He started thinking about how to connect with others, instead of just focusing on numbers. This is how he found out about the Adventurers Guild. It was on a note hanged at a Starbucks, with a telephone number and just the phrase: "Come look for your dream together with us". It turned out, the Adventurers Guild was just a group of friends that loved games. That group was, though, everything Nero was looking for. A safe haven where to express his feelings about his passions.

Nero, though, was a dreamer, besides having a good set of technical skills he learned at the University. He wanted his group to reach out to the world. And, as such, he proposed them to open a channel, where they would talk to as many game enthusiasts as possible. That was the day the Adventurers Guild opened up its doors to the world.

About Nero Atlas

Nero is a quiet, yet inquisitive, insightful person. He loves to share his passions with others, while keeping an attentive eye over detail, and the value of small things. He focused his career around his main passion: games. Friends joke about the fact he plays gacha games more than other genres, which is kinda true. He does his best to find the most healthy way to experience those games, and to help others enjoy them the best way.

As a kid, he was a Pokémon trainer, and loved playing with kid friends. He still holds that passion to this day. He also loved trading card games, which is probably what brought him to like the gacha environment in the present - or maybe that passion just expressing sooner in his life.

He loves warm people, who care about the way they express, and how they are perceived by others, having a very strong intuition, that makes him perceptive of small details, especially when it comes to communication with others.

He dislikes rudeness, and the inability to communicate that comes from holding a position without considering alternatives. He tries his best to hold up to this value.

He looks analytical and introverted, but has a fiery spirit he does express in critical moments.

About the Adventurers Guild

The Adventurers Guild is a group of gaming enthusiasts that love the idea of finding challenges in whatever they do, as a way to celebrate life and emotions. They seek the unknown, the new frontiers, the hidden gems that life can give, and love having a life that is designed as a playful adventure.

They take life seriously, but think the best way to live it is to see it as a story where everyone contributes in.

They meet at the Adventurers Guild HQ to talk all of this every day.

The Guild is open for recruitment, and looks for passionate members.


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