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International Coffee Day Special: How I Got Here?

When I was a little kid, I had a passion for collecting Pokémon cards. However, I rarely had the opportunity to share this joy with other kids, save for my two close friends - one who always chose the cheerful and casual Squirtle, and the other, a goal-driven Bulbasaur enthusiast. I, the dreamer among us, always picked Charmander.

On one memorable vacation, our families visited Elba Island, a picturesque and serene getaway located off the coast of Tuscany. As we wandered through a local market, my youthful eyes were drawn to a sight I'd never seen before: stalls brimming with card albums, showcasing a myriad of Pokémon cards up to the Neo Genesis set. Yet, a determination took hold of me: I decided not to buy a single card. A cherished card of mine had been lost previously, and the weight of that loss prevented me from seizing the moment.

Fast forward to today, I've journeyed far from that moment of self-imposed restraint. I've resolved to never let minor setbacks deter me from pursuing dreamlike experiences. I've rekindled my passion for trading card games, fuelled by a promise to my younger self.

My vision for Nero's Coffee is straightforward: to gather like-minded souls who cherish characters and creatures, who revel in the thrill of collecting and playing games that celebrate them, all within a welcoming space. It's a quest to recreate the camaraderie I once yearned for in my younger days.

From RPGs to rhythm games, from TCGs to MOBAs, my affection for diverse gameplay remains constant. Yet, the underlying thread binding them all is my love for characters and creatures. As Nero's Coffee unfolds, I hope to collaborate with content creators and enthusiasts alike. Together, we can spotlight the myriad characters that color our worlds, delve deep into their intricacies, and perhaps even converse with the brilliant minds that breathe life into them.

Crafting the perfect content for Nero's Coffee has been a journey in itself. While I've spent countless hours strategizing, I've come to realize that the most authentic step forward is to simply take the plunge. Perfection is a journey, not a destination. I welcome your thoughts, feedback, and companionship as we embark on this shared adventure.

Today, International Coffee Day, offers a beautiful moment to share a cup with friends, to reminisce, and to celebrate our passions. If you find yourself without company, know that my virtual door is always open. Reach out on any of my social channels, and let's celebrate the stories that bind us.



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