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Page #1: Nero's Coffee

Updated: May 13, 2023

Nero's Coffee was once a small, obscure coffee shop located on the outskirts of town, called "Kim's Coffee". It was a place where college students like Nero went to study and work part-time.

Nero finally proposed Kim to help him with his college business project, and Mr. Kim agrees letting Nero manage the coffee, renaming it "Nero's Coffee" for the whole duration of the project.

"Nero Atlas", by Noden
About Nero Atlas

Nero Atlas was a college student studying business administration at a local university. Like many students, he worked part-time to help pay for tuition and other expenses. He had always been interested in the food and beverage industry, so when he saw a job posting for a part-time barista at a small, obscure coffee shop called Nero's Coffee, he knew he had to apply.

Located on the outskirts of town, Kim's Coffee was a quiet and unassuming place. It was a popular spot for students like Nero to study and work, with a cozy atmosphere and plenty of tables and electrical outlets. Nero loved the peaceful atmosphere and the friendly staff, and he quickly became a regular at the coffee shop.

As he sat down at the kitchen table with his coffee, he couldn't help but think about how much he enjoyed working at the coffee shop where he part-time.

As he sipped his coffee, he realized that he wanted to do more with his career than just study business administration. He wanted to own and operate his own coffee shop someday. And he knew just the place to start.

He stood up, grabbed his laptop, and sat back down at the kitchen table. He opened up a blank document and began to write. He was going to apply for a full-time position at Kim's Coffee, and he was going to do everything in his power to make his dream a reality.

At Kim's Coffee
Rainy Cafe Leblanc (Persona 5 Fanart), by Anastasiya Osichkina

The owner of the coffee shop, Mr. Kim, was a kind and friendly man who had a deep love for coffee and a knack for making his customers feel welcome.

Nero loved the peaceful atmosphere at Kim's Coffee, and he quickly became a regular at the coffee shop. In his free time, he would often sit at one of the tables and play games with his friends, taking breaks to grab a coffee or snack from the counter.

One day, while working at Kim's Coffee, Nero had the idea to organize team games and tournaments at the coffee shop. He knew that there were plenty of gamers in the area who might be interested in participating, and he thought that hosting tournaments at the coffee shop would be a great way to bring people together and create a fun and competitive atmosphere.

Nero and Mr. Kim worked together to set up the coffee shop for the gaming tournaments. They rearranged the tables and chairs to create a spacious and comfortable gaming area, and they set up tables with snacks and drinks for the players.

Nero also brought in some of his own gaming equipment, including consoles and screens, to make sure that the tournaments had everything they needed to run smoothly. He worked with Mr. Kim to come up with a schedule for the tournaments and began promoting the events through social media and flyers around town.

The "Nero's Coffee" Project

As he worked at the coffee shop, Nero began to develop his business plan for his own coffee shop. He spent his free time studying market trends, researching the competition, and coming up with ideas for how to make his coffee shop stand out.

One day, Nero approached Mr. Kim with his business plan and asked if he could present it to him as part of his college project. Mr. Kim was impressed by Nero's enthusiasm and dedication, and he agreed to listen to his proposal.

After reviewing Nero's business plan, Mr. Kim was convinced that he had the potential to be a successful entrepreneur. He offered Nero the opportunity to take over the management of Kim's Coffee and rename it "Nero's Coffee" as part of his college project.

Special Note

I've been writing this article with a special someone... who is the one that mostly came up with the actual writing! Wanna find out who is it? Stay tuned!



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