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Pokémon Unite - Master Rank with You

With some surprise at first, Pokémon Unite has become one of my favorite Pokémon games, and my choice pick on a genre I've never explored with much interest: MOBA.

I've been watching Unite pro players play for quite some time now, since the first World Championship Qualifiers, with particular passion and interest for "Random Gaming", who grew and changed in names and strategy, and is now known as the finalist "Nouns eSports".

From them, and from skilled content creators, I've been learning how to play a competitive game, and finally got to master in solo-queue (single-player online ranked games).

The game meta (most effective tactics available) changes almost with every patch, together with the most played pokémon and best compositions. I like keeping myself updated and play my favorites, while trying out new ones and explore the new strategies the game offer.

I'd love if you joined my games, so that we could keep learning together! You're also invited to ask anything on stream, I'd be glad to take a break and explain anything you want to understand better. And, of course, I'm open to suggestions too, as I myself have a lot to learn!

Many content creators have anticipated a patch that will allow player to gift licenses and battle passes: expect giveaways if the news will be officially confirmed!


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