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Pokémon Violet - Blind Run

Now that the ninth generation is out, this will be my main content for a while! Join me, and let's live this new adventure together!

Iono - Pokémon Scarlet/Violet Gym Leader
Iono is super-fun, and one of my favorite gym leaders... this game has incredible surprises with characters, and she's not the only one!

I'll be playing the main story first, to focus on Pokédex and competitive battling after I've finished the game.

Participate in the stream to join the giveaway and get a chance to get a copy of the game! You just need to join the stream and be there. I'll also be doing polls during the streams for extra points.

The item is also out in the Atlas Atelier for 6.000§! Join the community, and claim it with points!

Pokémon Violet main story is proving to be really solid, with fleshed-out characters, flexible challenges and a lean exploration experience, and is being a really remarkable experience for me as a player, despite the evident technical limitations.

The game also supports online 4-player world sharing: if my room is free, you're invited to join in, and play alongside me!

How is your experience in Scarlet/Violet being?

  • Lots of fun! ;D

  • It's being okay! I find it an interesting generation!

  • Technical limitations are really holding me back...

  • I don't really like the theme/story, or the game in general



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